Solo is a cream he carries both blue and chocolate, no brindle and has full tan points

His points don’t show because cream covers everything, but it is there, More on this below.

Coco BB Dd ee at/at ky/ky n/s

His dad, Don Choc is a very well known  clear point stud

Solo has sired his first five litters beginning of 2018. He is a nice cobby boy, great ear set and head.  He weighs 20#  

He can produce  Creams, blues, chocolates, lilacs, Champagnes, Platinums all with out brindle and with tan points.

Below are some Puppy colrs you can expect depending on the mothers color DNA


Blues: If  the mother carries or  has  blue (Dd, dd) then you would get some blues

Chocolates: If  the mother carries or has  chocolate  (Bb, bb) genes then you would get some chocs.

Lilacs:  If the mother is Lilac or carries both blue and choc you would get some Lilacs

Champagnes   If your girl  carries or is cream with chocolate then the puppies can be a choc and cream dog .  

Platinum: If your girl  carries or is cream with blue . Then you can get puppies that are both Blue and cream 

Tan Points: Solo with throw the tan point gene to every puppy (AT), If the parent has the tan or recessive black gene (a) the puppies will show tan points. To get clear tan points  brindle gene must be absent.  Tan points do not show up where there is white, So it can be fully present but not visible in pieds and creams.