Indy and Stitch had blue boy and blue girl Nov12

And a chocolate blue carrier boy

These two babies are going to be small especially the boy. Napoleon is probably going to be smaller than either of his parents maybe 16# fully grown. His sister Josephine is larger but will also be a small adult maybe 18#. Their parents Stitch and Indy both weighs 18#

Éclair our chocolate girls had a baby with Purple Haze our lilac on November 2nd. Her milk failed and we gave the baby to Indy. Snickers is chocolate and carries blue. He will be small.

Josephine is dark blue, not showing brindle and no white $7000

Tiny Napoleon is also dark blue, not showing brindling and small pencil eraser white spot on his chest $7000

Snickers. The little chocolate boy that carries blue $5000

Video at 4 1/2 weeks

Video at 4 weeks