Lilac Dream

Lilac Fawn
Carries cream no brindle or pied

Started his carrier in July 2018. Already has ten litters behind him. Producing  great looking expensive puppies, Very easy to pull from and semen quality and concentration is top notch.

He is out of the Rolex line famous in the UK. His UK name is Kenateen You Smile

We renamed him Love my Lilac Dream He is AKC registered

bb dd Ee ay/a  No pied or brindle

He is a son of Rolex a high powered British  Frenchie Stud. He is a compact square boy. Very nice head and ear set. Weighs 21# and is full of affection. Just a super nice frenchie with fantastic color genetics. He is producing very interesting and valuable litters. I expect him to be one of my top studs in 2019

Put him with a lilac and get all Lilacs that have or carry tan points

Put him with a blue that carries choc get half lilacs and blues that carries choc

Put him with a choc that carries blue get half lilacs and chocs that carry blue

Put him with a blue and get blues that carry choc

Put him with a choc and get chocs that carry blue

Put him with a cream Get half creams half tans (if dame doesn’t carry brindle)

Put him with a cream that carries choc or blue Get Platinum and champagnes

You wont get any pieds in any of this pairings or brindle if your girl does carry brindle

And all pups will at least carry tan points