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Shipmate lite

 How to collect Semen

How To Ai

Dewclaw Removal it’s Easy

Best day to ai

Timing c section

Tapping puppy legs

Progesterone testing

Separating plasma from blood

When to c section

Pulling blood

Bottle feeding

Tube feeding

Taping puppy ears

Puppy care kit

Portable incubator

Large incubator

Best whelping system

Oxygen concentrater

How to ship semen using Shipmate

Shipmate lite how to use it

 The Dos And Don’ts Shipping Semen

Shipping secrets Fedex is the best

Shipmate versus competition real time test


How to Collect Semen

Semen collection

Collecting semen another video

The pros and cons of having a stud dog


Timing the Mating

Best day to ai no

How dogs behave when ready to mate youtube removed it 

How to Artificially Inseminate 

DIY, Breed Dogs In This Position For Best Results

DIY ai kit



Dog Breeding Back to Back. Unethical, Unwise, Sensible?

Choosing a stud

Progesterone Testing Fast & Easy Target Vet test kit

DIY, Secrets To Timing ‘When To Breed Your Dog’

Successful Dog Mating

DIY, Your Dog Need Breeding? Follow These Steps From Start To Finnish

How to determine if pregnant

Dog Whelping Secrets. What your Vet doesn’t know will kill your puppy. Timing C sections

DIY detecting and solving problems with dog pregnancy

Checklist Be Prepared For A Litter Of Beautiful Puppies

French Bulldog birth, Part i, C-Section ophelia


Timing C Sections

Ai surgical and TCI canine insemination techniques explained

Bopeep Journey Series of 6 videos

French bulldog, pre whelp behavior, timing and visit to the vet for a c-section (Part 1 of 6)

French bulldog, puppy reveal and driving home in our incubator (Part 2 of 6)

Puppy Whelp Box Setup And Feeding Puppies For The First Time (Part 3 of 6)

Checking mother and her new borns. Mastitis & Milk Eclampsia (Part 4 of 6)

Bo Peep’s Journey: Dewclaw Removal

Bo Peep’s Journey, Bottle Feeding Puppies With Goats Milk!

Bopeeps babies three weeks old 

Secrets To How We Show Off And Sell Our French Bullds And Giving First Shots

How to terminate an unwanted dog pregnancy


Puppy care from birth to ween

Puppy life saver kit


Saving Dogs/Puppies With An Oxygen Machine


DIY, Bottle Feeding Puppies And Care

DIY, How To Sell And Market Your Puppies

How to save preamature puppies

DIY, Taping your Dog/Puppy Ears

DIY, Solving Puppy Swimmer Syndrome With Tape

Potty Training French Bulldog Puppies

Weaning French Bulldog Puppies

How to evaluate frenchie structure


Tapping puppy legs

Bottle feeding

Tube feeding


Taping puppy ears

DIY, Taping your Dog/Puppy Ears

Oxygen concentrator

Potty training

Puppy care kit

Puppy health care




Worming And Vaccinating Your Dog

How to treat Puppy acne & bumps on head or skin

Terrible Cause Of Puppy Death, Brucellosis


Finding and fixing problems


Dog care

Save money on vet bills and keep your dogs healthy

Antibiotics dosage for dogs and puppies

.Diagnosing Dog With vaginal Prolapse

Anus prolapse

How To Fix Dog’s Cherry Eye

DIY ‘Life Threatening Mastitis’ Does Your Dog Have It? How to Diagnosis And Treat It!

French Bulldog With Prolapsed Anus, 1 Year Old Had Intestine Disorder

How sex is determined

Importing dogs tips & traps

Canine herpes chv1

Dog Co-Ownership, Part I The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Dog Co-Ownership, Part II The Good The Bad & The Ugly

The DM Hoax in French Bulldogs Degenerative Myelopathy



Dog Coat Color Genetics Explained (101)

French bulldog coat color genetics explained (201)

French bulldog coat color genetics explained

French bulldog coat color genetics explained (Recessive and Dominant Genes)

New VetGen Test For Chocolate In French Bulldogs

Dog DNA And Parentage Explained


How To Get Or Avoid Pied Puppies

Brindle in French bulldogs how to avoid or reduce it

Fluffy Frenchie, Line And In Breeding


French bulldogs with red glowing eyes, Lilac

Problems With Exotic Colors In French Bulldogs



Coat color dna test


Happy pps under pigtail

Best Whelping system you can buy amazon crate

Ezwhelp crate


Install pig rails



Best whelping system new

Setting thermostat new whelp


Portable incubator

Large incubator


Setting old  incubator thermostat

Q&A Dog Breeding and Care, how to get large litter sizes?



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