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  • Mando Blue N Tan carries coc, cream & Pied Fluffy $8000
  • Bublé Platinum Platinum & Tan  Fluffy $7000 
  • Denali Fluffy Blue & Tan carries Coco & cream 5500
  • Wolfie Fluffy Sable carries blu & testable Chocolate $4500
  • Picasso Merle Lilac & Tan Points carries cream $4500
  • Johnny Cash Fluffy recessive  Black  Carries blue & Coco $4000
  • Sir Humpalot Platinum A double recessive $4500
  • Mickey Blue Eyes  Lilac & Tan Merle $4500
  • Rango Lilac N Tan Fluffy Carrier $4000
  • Chinati Lilac n tan carries cream pied and fluffy $4000
  • Gibbi Lilac n tan carries, cream & double intensity $3500
  • Bazinga Lilac & Tan Points carries  cream $3500
  • Clooney Lilac AA double recessive $3500
  • Mordo Coco n tan carries cream and fluffy $3000
  • Hercules Blue & tan carries coco & cream $3000
  • Simba Fawn carries Blue, Coco, Cream and Tan $2500
  • Solo Cream Tan points carries Blue & Coco $2000