Mando Full Fluffy Merle

Blue & Tan Merle Full Fluffy carries coco, cream & Pied, no Brindle

He has this thick beautiful coat. He makes Harlequin and Tweed babies. Short back cobby boy with a fantastic head and nice ear set. 23#

Both us and our customers love the litters he has been producing.

Your litter with be on average half Merles, and fluffy or fluffy carriers

He has been producing blues, lilacs, cocos,fawns, black n tans, creams, platinums, merles,fluffies 

Breed to:

Blue: get blues

Coco: get cocos that carry blue

Lilac: get blues and lilacs

Platinum: get blues, lilacs and platinums

Fluffy get all full fluffies

Merle: We never breed Merles to Merles.

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