Invented by James Chopping, sold by My Breeder Supply 

My Breeder Supply, Elk City, Oklahoma

James’s products are American made by My Breeders Supply. James founded the company and now his son, Cody, owns it. Get fast shipping from helpful people who are knowledgeable about their products!

Puppy Poop Tray NEW PRODUCT!

Stops puppies and mother eating poop!

Eliminates puppies walking and tracking poop
Teaches puppies to Poop in one area (Crate Training)

Improves Hygiene significantly
Makes Clean up a breeze!

Portable Incubator

We’ve invented the first truly PORTABLE incubator!

It’s lightweight and it plugs easily into your car or into a wall socket at home. No other incubator plugs into your car! Other incubators claim to be “portable” when you can only move them from room to room! That’s not good enough! Use the incubator to transport pups to a Vet hours away and dramatically reduce C-section costs. Leave it plug in at home for weeks so its warm and ready if you a puppy needs special care

Heated Whelping System

No more squashed puppies, cold puppies or overheated Moms!

Make your live easier, your puppies safer and allow your Dame to bond with her puppies.

Don’t use heat lamps or heating pads or separate Mums from babies!

This revolutionary system works in a completely different way. It is the only system that keeps Mom and puppies safe together 24/7. You get your life back too! Over 2000 people use our patented whelping system. Its a game changer.

All-In-One Puppy Care Kit

Essential items for newborn pups

The kit includes a feeding bottle, scales, digital thermometer, feeding tube. petroleum jelly, nail clippers and much more. Don’t risk missing a vital item when it is an emergency! Don’t forget the small things you need for daily care! Get everything all at once and be prepared.

ShipMate: Semen shipping flask

Over 7000 consecutive successful semen shipments and counting!

Stop missing breedings with dead or poor quality chilled semen. I invented shipmate ten years ago because of the issues I experienced shipping semen. Turned my mediocre stud service into a multi million company. Successfully ship semen on trips up to three days with the reusable ShipMate flask . 

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