Heated Whelping Kit

Heated Whelping Kit – Keep Them Safe and Warm

The picture above shows the puppies under the pig rail. The smaller infra-red camera picture shows why they are there. That’s the place that is toasty warm and they are safe too!

We have over 2000 people using this whelping system. It really works. You can leave mum and babies together 24/7. You get your life back!

No more squashed puppies, cold puppies or overheated Moms!

This revolutionary system can be attached to any dog crate and solves four huge problems:


1. Squashed puppies.

Mother dog can accidentally squash her puppies as she moves around.


2. Heat lamps and heating pads suck!

They create an environment that is too hot for Mom, and she hates it! That is why many mothers are constantly moving around and potentially squashing a baby. Or don’t want to be in the crate and look after their pups. You then have to stay up all night feeding them for her.


3. Milk aspiration.

Puppies kept separate from mother and allowed to feed every few hours get thirsty and rush to drink milk causing milk to flow out of their noses. This can cause milk aspiration which then develops in to pneumonia and death.


4. Breaking the Mother-baby bond.

Mothers within hours of birth, bond with babies. If you separate babies from mother, you are breaking that bond.  Mother may not care for her babies. Be rough with them. Ignore or even bite them!



This unique whelping system helps avoid these four common problems.

The heated whelp kit is designed to fit a wire cage you already have or buy. The sticky backed heat tape is simply installed on the underneath of the crate’s plastic tray in minutes. It is installed on the perimeter of the tray. Now the area directly under the pig rail is nice and warm and the temperature regulated by the supplied thermostat.

There is no heat in the center, so Mom never gets too hot, she is comfortable. She is content close to her babies.


The babies get warmth from mum while nursing. When full they will move around to find a warm place. They will find that under the Pig rail and stay safe sleeping there until they want more milk. Puppies feed when thirsty, Mothers milk supply is not loading up, puppies aren’t desperate to feed, and it significantly reduces the chance of milk aspiration.


Now mothers love being in the crate! They bond with their pups and do all the work of feeding and caring for them so you don’t have to.  And 95% of the time babies are under the Pig rail warm and safe.  You don’t have to constantly intervene. Mum and babies are happy. You get your life back.

Once you use our whelping system you will wonder how you ever lived without it!


You can order at www.MyBreederSupply.com

You will need the size of your crate to order the correct size heat tape. It does come with the thermostat. We suggest you also purchase the optional pig rail adapters. They come as a set of four. You will need a 10ft stick of 1 1/2” PVC pipe. Costs about $8 at Lowe’s, Home-depot or local hardware store. They will probably cut it into 4 lengths for you.


We manufacture versions with correct adapters for the USA (120v) and overseas (240v).


Our Heated Whelping Kit includes: Heater Tape with Thermostat.  PVC corner adapters ore also sold separately. 
This Kit Does Not Include the  crate or the PVC pipe.

Common Crate Sizes (Length x Width in Inches):

  • XL Double Door Crates 42″ X 28″
  • EZwhelp Classic Value 38″ X 38″
  • Dura-Whelp Small 34″ x 34″
  • Dura-Whelp Medium 40″ x 40″
  • Dura-Whelp Large  48″ x 48″
  • Dura-Whelp X-Large 60″ x 48″
  • Custom Size  (Give us the outside width and length. We will build the tape about 3′ smaller, width and length.)



Recommended crate sizes:

42×28 for mothers that are 15-25lbs

48×30 for larger dogs


Buy a robust crate. The very cheapest have thin metal that can deform. Crate  brands I know are well built: Amazon basics, Paws & Pals, Midwest crate

Comes in different sizes to fit your needs. Price depends on size, starting at $211.99

We even have models to install on the Dura-whelp and EZ-Whelp boxes. And we can custom build a system to add to any whelping box too! Below is a a dura-whelp box and a thermal image showing the heated area.

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