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We have over a thousand videos on YouTube. Its difficult navigating all those videos on YouTube. So to make your life easier, many of those videos are categorized below. 

If you like James’s teaching style, you will love our courses! Find out how to have bigger litters, save ailing pups, find the right buyers and more. Each course gives you in-depth knowledge so you avoid mistakes and have a clear path to success. This is information you will not find anywhere else and most courses cost less than the price of a doctors visit!


How to find the perfect Puppy

Avoid the pitfalls and bring your puppy home

How to Find the Perfect Stud Dog

Find the right dog and breed successfully

Understanding DNA

Vital for choosing the right Sire for your Dam, & to know a pup’s value


2 Videos

How to get your dog pregnant

Get it right & have a wonderful litter but there are lots of mistakes to avoid!

Secrets to Mating Dogs

If you want the biggest litter, check out James’s on-line course

The Pregnancy

How to keep your girl happy and healthy

The Whelp

Get the timing right or get in trouble!

Secrets to Timing Whelp

Get it right or loose pups!
James gets it right every time! Learn how.

Raising Puppies

How to keep your puppies happy and healthy

Puppy 101: Survive and Thrive

Save ailing pups. Have the healthiest litter.

Everything you need to do from birth to 12 weeks

Don’t leave it to chance!

Puppy Issues

Early detection is the key!

Dam Issues

Spot and fix health problems


Lets find great homes for the puppies!

The Secrets of Selling Puppies

Get top dollar in the tough market of 2024
James does!

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