Love My Pups

We raise puppies in a loving family environment

Choose Your Puppy

We love our pups! 
They have great pedigree and structure, the best DNA, and the best temperaments.

See our new babies from Mano and Figi. We are ready to facetime.

Earn money doing what you enjoy best

If you are like us, you enjoy being around puppies!
We started a successful business raising puppies over 30 years ago and we learnt so much along the way! In our on-line courses we share in-depth details about every aspect of breeding, from getting your dog pregnant, to whelp, to finding the best homes for your pups. Our courses show you how to start or improve a puppy business so that you are profitable and have fun with the dogs you love.

There is a problem and we fixed it!

Conventional heating systems for whelping boxes simply do not work! Semen shipping boxes fail! Incubators for newborns are not portable! These are just a few of the problems we saw with the equipment available for dog breeders, so we set out to fix it and invented our own unique products. You can find them at My Breeders Supply, the company run by our son Cody. 

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