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Last Update 03/22/17

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We raise loving puppies in a family environment

 All our Frenchies are AKC registered . Below are  pictures from  current litters. To see our adults select Dames, and Sires on the left. 

We offer Stud services. We have 9 proven males. We shipped over 750 semen samples with out a failure using Ship-Mate. Our (patent pending) computer controlled semen shipping container. Our Blue Stud, Stitch has been used over 400 times!  All stud services come with a guarantee

                                      Call Tami any time about puppies


                                      Any questions about stud service

                                          call James at 580-799-2873

We uploaded lots of new videos and information on AI, Progesterone test, Whelping, C-Section ,Dew Claw removal  tube feeding etc Click Here to See them

And we added two more boys to our stud lineup

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Prada and Kahuna had a litter of three Blue Girls

Three Blue girls born February 8th. Prada, the mother is 18# and solid blue. Kahuna 20# and also solid blue. Both have no white. You will fall in love with these girls Sweet and loving like their dad and playful like their mother. One is spoken for the other two are available.

Willow Solid Blue $6750

Sage Silver blue with a small white patch on her chest. $6500





Our First Lilac Litters are her from our Lilac Sisters. Purple Rose and Purple Rain Purple rose and Kash had four boys born February 7th. Purple Rain and Kash had a single girl born February 12th. Her beautiful girl is spoken for. The Parent are both Lilac and small 17-18#

Purple Rose Boys $12000 your pick

Smallest Boy thin white line on chest DiCaprio

Boy with Blaze Clooney

Boy with no white on chest DeNiro Sold to Paul

Boy with White patch on chest no Blaze Brando

The fours Boys $12000 each




Purple rain Baby Girl Spoken For



Micro Mini Jasmine. A little bundle of Love

Jasmine is possibly the smallest Frenchie you will ever see. She weighs a tiny 7.4# at 19 weeks! She is from Penelope and Churchill. She is a reverse brindle. Full of life and love. She is such a cute darling Frenchie. We have kept her for so long because of her very small size. She has been given a clean bill of health from our Vet. She is deaf. It is hard to tell because she has completely adapted to her loss of hearing. She is crate trained, She barks when she is ready to go out to potty or eat. That about the only time she is vocal (a good thing).  She behaves and plays absolutely like any happy frenchie. Jasmine is a very special girl. She comes with limited AKC rights* we want to see her go to family. She loves people and especially  kids.

*We originally miss stated that she would have full rights which was not our intention. Because she is deaf and because of her diminutive size Jasmine needs to be loved but not become a mother.



Blue Sable carries Tan points

Cam is from Winston and Lexi Born October 14 th. He is A Sable blue and carries the AT tan points. He looks just like his very successful Father, our Stud Winston. He was going to stay with my daughter, Chelsea. However it makes sense for them to continue using my stud Winston. Cam has been raised in the house. He is crate trained and already know some tricks. He is around older dogs, cats, kittens and kids. He would make a wonderful stud and a great family dog.

Cam $4500





We Love Pups:

We are not a puppy mill but a family who loves dogs. We have been around them for ever and think they are the best friends you could ask for. We love our pups, They eat the best food, our Vet knows them all by name. And we have a special relationship with them. All pups are born in the house and run free in the back yard. They start life high on the hog and they go to families who feel the same way. How do we know? We gets tons of pictures and wonderful stories from families who adopt. Go to "What Others Say" to see for yourself.