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All Our Frenchies Are AKC Registered

We offer Stud services. We have  proven males. We shipped over 7000 semen samples with out a failure using Ship-Mate. Our (patent pending) computer controlled semen shipping container.  All stud services come with a guarantee. Just $500 to get started we finance the balance. Find out about half price stud service and how to get a free incubator.

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We are not a puppy mill, but a family who loves dogs. We have been around them for ever and think they are the best friends you could ask for. We love our pups, They eat the best food, our Vet knows them all by name. And we have a special relationship with them. All pups are born in the house and run free in the back yard. They start life high on the hog and they go to families who feel the same way. How do we know? We gets tons of pictures and wonderful stories from families who adopt. Go to customer comments to see for yourself.

We also share lots of new How To videos and information on AI, progesterone tests, whelping, c-sections, dew claw removal, tube feeding, and much more. Go to the How To Section

And we live Frenchie. We even Design, Patent and offer  products to help you  raise Puppies successfully.


   Litter Available

Phoebe had her first litter Labor day 2023.

First time mother, she is absolutely the best. She loves her babies and is with them 24/7. And it tells, fat rolly polly healthy puppies. She is a 20#  platinum and tan and carries testable chocolate and fluffy.  Breed to The Slice a fully fluffy Lilac n tan  that carries cream and testable  chocolate. 

Three boys and a girls. Fluffy and fluffy carriers. No brindle or pied.  They are all smaller compact Frenchies with short cobby bodies and big heads.  Watch the video, lots more videos and pictures soon.

Call Tami 580-799-1910 to Face time and talk Frenchie.

Cinquetti: $17,000  Adopted

Female Merle Lilac n Tan carries testable chocolate cream and fluffy

dd coco Bb Em/e  at/a kyky nn L1

She  is a Harlequin Tweed Merlee short and cobby. She comes with a future half price breeding and her female offspring sired from one of our studs get half price breedings too.

She can make Merles, Fluffies, Lilacs, platinums, Isabella and New Shades!

Pavarotti $15000 Adopted

Platinum  and Tan full fluffy Merle. The merle and tan points don’t show because of the cream but it’s there.

dd coco BB ee  at/at kyky nn L1L4

He can make Merles, full fluffies,  Lilac n tans & Platinums

Rossi $15000  Adopted

Lilac n Tan Full Fluffy  Merle carries cream

dd coco BB Em/e  at/a kyky nn L1 L4

He can make Merles, full fluffies,  Lilac n tans & Platinums

Bocelli $10,000  Adopted

Lilac n Tan carries Fluffy & cream

dd coco BB Em/e  at/a kyky nn L1

He can make  full fluffies,  Lilac n tans & Platinums

Sire & Dame

Louise & Denali had four beautiful babies  September 24th 2023 Two girls, two boys

This is a repeat breeding. Louise and Denali had such pretty babies we did it again.

Donna $8000


Blu n Tan Carries fluffy and testable chocolate no brindle or pied

Racheal $6000


Blu fawn Carries  fluffy coco & cream. No brindle or pied

Louis $6000


Blu n tan Carries  fluffy coco & cream.  No brindle or pied

Harvey $7000


Blue Sable Full Fluffy carries testable chocolate. No brindle or pied