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Last Update 10/16/17

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We raise loving puppies in a family environment

 All our Frenchies are AKC registered . Below are  pictures from  current litters. To see our adults select Dames, and Sires on the left. 

We offer Stud services. We have 12 proven males. We shipped over 850 semen samples with out a failure using Ship-Mate. Our (patent pending) computer controlled semen shipping container. Our Blue Stud, Stitch has been used over 400 times!  All stud services come with a guarantee

                                      Call Tami any time about puppies


                                      Any questions about stud service

                                          call James at 580-799-2873

We uploaded lots of new videos and information on AI, Progesterone test, Whelping, C-Section ,Dew Claw removal, tube feeding etc Click Here to See them

And we added Blue and Clear Point  boy to our stud lineup

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Chambord and Fire Starter our Lilac had Puppies Born September 4th

Chambord is a blue and tan that carries chocolate. She is about two years old this is her first litter. She had 5 gorgeous babies. Lilacs and blues that carry chocolate.  Chambord loves her babies, she runs out to pee and she wants back with her babies immediately she comes back in. Wonderful first time mum.

Three boys and two girls

Armani Boy with Tan Head  Blue  fawn carries Chocolate & Tan Points no brindle  dd Bb AT/AY n/n $8000

Gieorgio Smallest Boy  Lilac  carries Tan points  dd bb at/ay kykn $8500

Rolf Middle Boy Lilac carries Tan points  dd bb at/ay kykn $9000

Gabbana Small Lilac girl Tan opints Lilac dd Bb at/at ky/n $10000

Chanel Big Blue girl Tan points carries chocolate AT/AT dd Bb ky/n $8000

Video and pics at Six weeks


Video and pics at five weeks

Video and pics at three weeks


See the lilacs red eye glow

Video and pics at one week



Eva and Fire Starter our Lilac had Puppies Born July 15th

This is Eva's First litter and she know just what to do. She loves her babies and wants to be with them 24/7

Three blue Frenchies. They all carry chocolate.  Both girls also are AT/AT tan point.

Yvette: solid Blue carries Choc AT/AT one copy of brindle $8000

Chloe: White on chest Blue carries Choc AT/AT one copy of brindle $8000 Adopted

Oz: Very small boy, Blue Fawn carries choc AY/AT no brindle $6500 Adopted

Video and pics at at 7 1/2 weeks old



Video and pics at at 5 1/2 weeks old


Video and pics at at 3 weeks old


Video and pics at a week old


Prada and Fire Starter had pups Born August 1st

Prada is such a great mom and loves being a mother.  She is very small and consistently produces very
small, compact, and cobby puppies.  These handsome boys are super sweet and lovable.

Both boys are blue that carry chocolate (Fire Starter is a Lilac, Prada a blue) and weigh just 4# at 8 weeks!

They both have very deep blue coats

Sundance: blue with very small white patch AT that carries blue and chocolate $8000
Butch: solid blue that carries blue and chocolate $7500



Daisy and Winston had puppies Born June 26th

This is Daisy's second litter. She had 6 beautiful puppies 4 girls and two boys

Everyone is doing great. Daisy is an old hand at this now

Belle Brindle Girl carries Blue  She has been adopted

Oakley biggest Blue Girl $5000

Yancy small blue girl $5500

Calamity Brindle Girl carries Blue and Tan Points $3000

Stetson Blue Boy carries Tan Points $5000

Virgil Brindle Boy carries Blue $1500 ADOPTED

Video and Pics at 11 weeks old


Video and Pics at 6 weeks old



Penelope and Fire Starter puppies born July 17th

Penelope is cream and Fire Starter is Lilac and carries Tan points. One girl and one boy. Short cobby thick puppies. Healthy as horses

Teddy: The Boy Teddy He is black with a white blaze and shows a very small amount of brindle He carries blue, chocolate, tan points and cream. He is a really nice short cobby guy.

He is capable of producing all kinds of interesting colors including lilacs, platinum's and champagnes $3000

The girl Tootsie is already adopted.





We Love Pups:

We are not a puppy mill but a family who loves dogs. We have been around them for ever and think they are the best friends you could ask for. We love our pups, They eat the best food, our Vet knows them all by name. And we have a special relationship with them. All pups are born in the house and run free in the back yard. They start life high on the hog and they go to families who feel the same way. How do we know? We gets tons of pictures and wonderful stories from families who adopt. Go to "What Others Say" to see for yourself.