Charlie and Ganache had a litter of four puppies

Charlie is a Chocolate who carries blue and tan points had her second litter July 6th with our Chocolate and Tan carries Blue stud Ganache. Four babies doing great. Two lilac girls and two chocolate pied boys. of these babies carry cream as well. Both parents are small and these babies will be smaller frenchies too.

Girls: Lilacs 

Minnie $10,500 dd bb at/at Ee EMem Kb/n NN

Lilac with tan points and  a copy of cream and Brindle , No pied


Daisy $9,500 dd bb ay/a Ee EMem Kb/n NS

Lilac with  a copy of Recessive Black, cream, Pied  and Brindle 


Boys: Chocolate pieds 

Mickey $3500 bb Dd ay/a Ee Emem  Kb/n SS

Chocolate Pied with  a copy of Recessive Black, cream and Brindle 


Donald $4000 bb Dd EE EmEm  n/n SS

Chocolate Pied with tan points and no Brindle 

Videos at 6 days and 6 weeks. and pictures at 6 weeks (I,m wrong in the Video the Dad is Ganauche not Giani)


Ophelia and Giani had a little tiny Pied Girl 6/29/19

The Mother Opehelia is a small Fawn Pied. The Dad, Giani is a Liac with Tan points they produced this tiny girl Amelia. She weighs in at 3LBs at 7weeks old.   She is going to be very small. With a Lilac Daddy, she is a fawn pied and carries Blue, Chocolate and tan points with no brindle. She might carry cream too. Nice compact cobby Frenchie: $3500

Video & pics at 7 weeks,