Purple Rain and Giovanni had a litter of 5 Lilacs December 1st

This is Rains third litter. She had a litter of all Lilacs, 4 girls and a boy. The tiny little girl was just too small and she did not make it  Everyone else is doing great.  This is the Harry Potter litter.  All nice cobby lilac frenchies , Your pick $5500

Harry Adopted:  lilac boy: Will be small and he is fiesty. Mister personality

Carries recessive black  & Brindle bb dd ay/a  EE EMEM n/kb NN

 Mertle $5500 Small fawen lilac girl with the white glove, She will be very small 

carries recessive black  bb dd ay/a EE EMEM n/n NS

 Jenny $5500  Fawn lilac girl  Has the perfect conformation

carries recessive black  bb dd ay/a EE EMEM n/n NS

 Lilly $5500 lilac girl: She is very calm, a real cuddle bunny

 carries cream & Brindle bb dd ay/ay  Ee EMem n/kb NN

 Molly & Giovanni had a  litter of 5 November 20th 

This is Molly’s 2nd litter . Four boys and one girl . Molly is a chocolate who carries blue and cream .Giovanni is a lilac who also carries cream. So we got lilacs,  Lilacs covered in cream, creams and chocs all in one litter. Everybody is doing fantastic, Puppies are fat and happy and mum is got this under control . 

Ms Kitty: $4000 Choc carries blue, cream and brindle  (ayay bb Dd Ee n/em n/kb nn)

Little Joe: $4000 Choc that carries blue, cream and brindle  (ayay bb Dd Ee n/em n/kb nn)

Adam: $5000 Maskless Lilac carries recessive black & brindle a/ay bb dd EE n/ n/kb nn)

Ben: $5500 Chocolate covered in cream carries blue no brindle ayay bb Dd ee 

Hoss: $8500 Lilac covered in cream no brindle ayay bb dd ee

Creme Brulee and Giovani had a litter of 6 Nov 13th

This is Creme Brulee’s first litter. She is a cream covered in blue and carries chocolate and recessive black with no brindle. She had a smorgus board of colors. Blue, creams and Lilacs. Pups all doing great and Brulee loves her new babies. Non of these babies carry brindle or pied


Dolce: $6000 Blue recessive black carries cream & choc    Bb dd aa Ee n/em nn nn

Croissant: 9,5000 Lilac covered in Cream   Bb dd ayay ee n/n nn nn

Brioche: $5500 Blue Fawn carries cream, choc & recessive black  Bb dd aya Ee n/EM nn nn


Mousse: $9500 Lilac & recessive black covered in Cream  bb dd aa ee n/n nn nn

Macaroon: $5000 Blue Fawn  carries choc & cream Bb dd ayay Ee n/EM nn nn

Biscotti: $6500 Lilac fawn carries cream and recessive black  bb dd aya  Ee n/Em nn nn

Bo Peep And Ganache had a litter 2 girls Jan 1st

This is Bo Peep’s first litter , 2  Lilac girls. And the first litter from Ganache too! What a way to start the New Year.  Both are small sub  20# frenchies. And these are going to be beautiful short and coby, lilac and tan girls. We adore Bo Peep, she is such a fun loving lively adorable girl. She has beed a fantastic mother from the very first moment. The babies are packing on the weight and mum does absolutely everything for them. She  is the best!

Bo is a licac, full tan points and carries cream, Ganache is a chock full tan points carries blue and cream, neither parents carry brindle. Babies are lilac with full tan points and  carry cream, 

Amor: Pied Girl $12000 bb dd atat Ee Emem kyky SS Pending

 Joli Solid Girl $14000  bb dd atat Ee Emem kyky nn  Pending