Fluffy and fluffy carrier Born Christmas day 2023

All Our Frenchies Are AKC Registered

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We Love Our Pups!

We are not a puppy mill, but a family who loves dogs. We have been around them for ever and think they are the best friends you could ask for. We love our pups, They eat the best food, our Vet knows them all by name. And we have a special relationship with them. All pups are born in the house and run free in the back yard. They start life high on the hog and they go to families who feel the same way. How do we know? We gets tons of pictures and wonderful stories from families who adopt. Go to customer comments to see for yourself.

We also share lots of new How To videos and information on AI, progesterone tests, whelping, c-sections, dew claw removal, tube feeding, and much more. Go to the How To Section

And we live Frenchie. We even Design, Patent and offer  products to help you  raise Puppies successfully.

Figgy & Mando had 8 babies 11/28/23

4 boys 4 girls.

Figgy is a 22# lilac n Tan Fluffy Carrier. She is a new mum and doing a great job. Mando is our Fluffy blue n Tan Merle, carries coco and cream.

All the babies are doing great

Video at 4 weeks

Video at 11 weeks

The Girls

They get lifetime 1/2 price breedings to any of our studs!!

Demeris Turquoise collar $8000 Adopted

Blue n Tan Carries fluffy & Coco

dd Coco AT/AT Em/E KyKy

Chloe Dark Purple Collar $15500 adopted

Blue N tan full fluffy Harlequin Tweed Merle carries coco & cream 

dd Coco AtAt Em/e kyky 

Phoebe Pink Collar $15,000 Adopted

Blue n Tan full fluffy Carries coco and pied

dd Coco AT/AT Em/E KyKy n/s

Mary Purple Collar $10,500 Adopted

Lilac N tan carreis fluffy, cream & pied

dd coco AtAt Em/e kyky n/s

The Boys Three are available

Mark Yellow Collar $10,000

Lilac n Tan full Fluffy Harlequin Tweed  Merle
dd coco AtAt Em/E KyKy

Mathew Orange Collar $9,000

Lilac N tan full  Fluffy Merle carries pied
dd coco AtAt Em/E KyKy n/s

John Green Collar $7,000

Lilac n Tan Fluffy carrrier
dd coco AtAt Em/E KyKy

Luke Lt Blue Collar $14,500 Adopted

Blue n Tan full Fluffy Harlequin Tweed Merle carries coco
dd COco ATAT Em/E KyKy

All our puppies are Vet checked, wormed and started their first shots before they leave. Puppies who are nine weeks get their second set of shots. We guarantee against life threatening genetic defects for one year.


It varies by conformation and color.


We give first picks to families who place a refundable retainerfor a puppy. We only cash your check after you have picked a puppy. If we don’t produce a puppy you want, the entire deposit is refunded or moved to the next litter, your choice. Often we have deposits on most of the litter before birth. First deposit received get first litter picks. So place a deposit early to get the puppy you want. Send a personal check for $1000 to:

Tami Chopping
edmond ok 73013
Or , Paypal , Venmo, cash app, apple pay or Wire Transfer

Include your phone number and which litter to apply it to. If this is a surprise, let us know so we don’t leak the secret by mistake!

Contacting Us

Either E-mail tami@itlnet.net or call us at: Tami 580-799-1910 or James 580-799-2873
Call between 8am-8PM CST to talk. We are on Central Standard Time.


We keep pups until at least their 9th week normally 10th week. Puppies must be ten weeks or older to fly. Come pickup your puppy in person or we can meet you at Oklahoma City Will Rogers Int Airport.

Custom Air Delivery

To Major Airports:

This is the best way to get your puppy home and puppies can travel anytime of the year. Puppies fly in the cabin in a soft crate with one of our Nanny handlers. We hand the puppy to the Nanny and the puppy is handed directly to you at the arrival gate. They do not go in the cargo, get stressed out in a cargo waiting area or come in to contact with other animals. This is the safest at least stressful way to travel. Cost is $600-800 for this custom service.


“Wanted to say thanks for all the help. Really enjoyed meeting you and Tami. Enjoyed seeing your beautiful dogs and your gorgeous place. The trip home was easy, Millie slept on my lap the whole way home.”

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