GiaBella and Giana, Litter born October 28th 

Bella is a Merle Lilac n Tan. Giana is a lilac n Tan and carries cream. She had a litter of two girls a Merle Lilac and a Lilac. Bella is two years old this is her first litter. What a change in her behaviour!  She was a very much an adolescent. But right from the first moment with her babies she is calm and just wants those babies snuggled up with her. When she goes out to Pee and Poop, it takes about a minute and she is right back at the door to be with her babies. We are so happy with her and these special little Frenchies.
Two Girls:
Aspen: Lilac and Tan Merle $9000
Holly:  Lilac and Tan  $9000

BoPeep & Sir Humpalot had 5 puppies 10/5/19

BoPeep is an 18# Lilac n Tan had the very first litter for our new Platinum Stud Sir Humpalot, he is 20#. We are so excited to see his first off spring. All these babies are going to small and cobby 

Five babies doing great. Two lilac n Tan girls and three Lilac n Tan  boys. All of these babies carry cream  and no brindle. Both parents are small and these babies will be smaller frenchies too. All are bb dd Ee Ata KyKy

Lilac n Tan Girls

Phoebe $12,000 Sold

Monica $12,000 Sold


Lilac n Tan Boys

Chandler $7,000

Ross $7,000

Joey $7,000





Charlie and Ganache had a litter of four puppies

Charlie is a Chocolate who carries blue and tan points had her second litter July 6th with our Chocolate and Tan carries Blue stud Ganache. Four babies doing great. Two lilac girls and two chocolate pied boys. of these babies carry cream as well. Both parents are small and these babies will be smaller frenchies too. One Boy left for adoption.

Donald $3500 bb Dd EE EmEm  n/n SS

Chocolate Pied with tan points and no Brindle 

Minnie is Adopted $10,500 dd bb at/at Ee EMem Kb/n NN

Lilac with tan points and  a copy of cream and Brindle , No pied

Daisy  is Adopted $9,500 dd bb ay/a Ee EMem Kb/n NS

Lilac with  a copy of Recessive Black, cream, Pied  and Brindle 

Mickey is Adopted $3500 bb Dd ay/a Ee Emem  Kb/n SS

Chocolate Pied with  a copy of Recessive Black, cream and Brindle 

 Videos at 6 days and 6 weeks. and pictures at 6 weeks (I,m wrong in the Video the Dad is Ganauche not Giani)