Fluffy and fluffy carrier Born Christmas day 2022

Four babies from Louise she is a Wolfie daughter and was breed to our fluffy Denali

Two girls. Emily a full fluffy and Sylvie a carrier. Two boys, Alfie a full fluffy and Gabriel a carrier. They are cobby fat little pups. Mum and babies are doing great. This is Louise’s first litter and its been very easy. She is such a caring and attentive mum. Life is good.

All these puppies are bule (dd) and don’t carry pied or brindle. The two girls carry both versions of chocolate, so they can make Isabellas and New Shades

Emily: dd Bb Coco Ay/a EmEMKnKn nn l1/l4

Full fluffy Blue sable carries both versions of chocolate and no brindle or pied.

She can make Full fluffy Isabellas $13K SOLD


Sylvie: :dd Bb Coco Ay/a Emllas $EMKnKn nn L/l4

Same as Emily but she is a fluffy carrier

She can also  make Full fluffy Isabellas $10K SOLD


Alfie: dd At/At EmEM KnKn nn l1/l4

Blue n Tan full fluffy no brindle or pied Sold


Gabriel: dd Ay/At EmEM KnKn nn L/l1

Blue n sable fluffy carrier no brindle or pied

He can make blue n tan full fluffies $7K Available



Merle Tweed Fluffy Carriers born 11/27/22

Six Beautiful babies. The mother is Jolene, she is a Blu n Tan, Picasso daughter and was bred to our full fluffy boy Mando. You can see Mando in the video below. Both parents are small and cobby, these puppies have nice small cobby structures too. Four Girls, two boys. All are spoken for

Red Merle Girl Blu n Tan carries coco, cream, Fluffy, no Brindle no pied $10K Sold

dd Coco atat Em/e KnKn n/n Mm

Orange Merle Girl Blu n Tan carries coco , Fluffy, pied no Brindle  $8K Sold

dd Coco atat Em/E KnKn n/s Mm

Purple Merle Girl Blu n Tan carries coco, pied, Fluffy, no Brindle $10K SOLD

dd Coco atat Em/E KnKn n/s Mm

Blue  Merle Girl Blue n Tan carries coco, fluffy and cream no brindle or pied $11k sold

dd Coco atat  Eme knkn nn Mm

Aqua Merle Boy Blu n Tan Carries Fluffy, no Brindle $8K SOLD

dd CoCo  atat Em/E KnKn n/n  Mm

Green  (non Merle) Boy Blu n Tan carries coco, cream, pied, Fluffy, no Brindle $7K SOLD

dd Coco atat Em/e KnKn n/s  MMSOLD

Full Fluffies and Carriers

Born June 9th 2022 

This  is a Buble mated to Peppa production .We co-own Peppa with Mike Dennet in Edinburg Tx. Mike has been breeding to our studs for almost five years . The lineage of this litter is three generations of our studs. Great Grand Father is Love My Purple Haze. Grand Dad Our Full Fluffy Love My Denali. And the sire of this litter Love My Buble

Buble is a Fluffy Platinum n Tan

Peppa a Blu Sable carries Coco, cream, tan points and Fluffy

Litter of 2 fluffy lilac girls, 3 fluffy boys and 2 fluffy carriers blu n tan  boys.

No brindle in the litter and every pup carries cream

All really nice short small cobby frenchies

Fluffy Girls
Sky lilac n tan  carries cream SOLD
dd coco ata Eme knkn ns L1L4

Blondie Lilac sable carries cream $17k

dd coco ayat Eme knkn nn L1L1

Fluffy Boys

Silver  lilac n tan  carries cream $15K

dd coco ata Eme knkn ns L1L1


Champ Lilac sable carries cream $14k

dd coco ayat Eme knkn nn L1L1

Achilles Blue  sable carries blu and cream $13k

dd Coco ayat Eme knkn ns L1L1

Fluffy Carrier Boys

Spec Blue N tan carries cream coco and fluffy  $8K

dd Coco ata Eme knkn nn L1 

Sky lilac n tan Fluffy

Blondie Lilac sable Fluffy

Silver Lilac N tan Fluffy

Champ Lilac Sable Fluffy

Achilles Blue Sable Fluffy

Spec Blue N tan Fluffy Carrier

Kong Blue n Tan Fluffy Carrier

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