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I get these messages daily, I’m not a braggadocios person. But we really do care about our customers and the Frenchies they create. We will always answer the phone, We will give you the best advice we can, If we don’t know the answer we will tell you and then search to find the best answer. “Hello James, Our Blue carrier girl had 8 puppies from Stitch! There are a week old and everyone is doing great. Thanks Melissa.” “My Vet said the semen was the best chilled semen he had ever seen in his 25 years of service. he was very impressed. Breeding went great. Thank you!” “Hi James, We had a litter of 6 beautiful puppies today. They are home and everyone is doing great, we are so excited. I will send the remaining stud fee tomorrow.” “Thanks so much for all the help and advice. I have finally found someone who knows what they are doing you are a life saver…” “This breeding was the easiest by far, the info on progesterone tests save me a lot of money and wasted time, your videos really helped.” “Tell Stitch he is a proud Dad of 7, yes SEVEN blue puppies! 4 girls and three boys. I will call you when my other girl comes in heat. Peace.” “Wanted to say thanks for all the help. Really enjoyed meeting you and Tami. Enjoyed seeing your beautiful dogs and your gorgeous place. The trip home was easy, Millie slept on my lap the whole way home.” “Semen arrived at the Vets office. AI went very well. Dr Stevens was really impressed with your computer box. Lots and lots of wigglers. Kool.” “Bella had pups exactly on time, C-section went fine. We have five chocolate Frenchies. Thanks you are the very best.” “James, thank you for helping me with my puppy panic last night. The little boy is fine now. I’m not sure he would have made it. God bless.” “Guess what the Vet was wrong and you were right! My boy’s is back. Just think, they were going to neuter him. You know your stuff. Thanks.” “You hit the nail on the head again. Bolt and Madie produced the same litter as last time. Five creams, four girls and a boy. I will send you pictures soon.” “Thank you for a great experience. You were so patient and kind. The whole process was easy and I’m so proud I did it all myself (with your help). The babies are beautiful.” “Guess what James you were right. If I had listened to our Vet I think we would have missed the breeding and a litter of four Thunder Pups. Will be using you on our other girl in a few months. Take care. “I didn’t even buy a puppy or use your stud but you still helped me with my puppy problems. All your advise and info was wonderful. You were a life saver. I have included a coupon for Red Lobster, enjoy.”

Bella is pregnant. 8  puppies from your boy Denali. The whole family is so excited. Thank you for your patience and help. We just order the incubator and whelp kit from you too.

You saved me a heartache. If we had followed our vets advice e would have C-Sectioned 4 days early.

I love your Secrets to selling puppies course. Best $ i have spent in a while!

Thankyou James. I have followed you on YouTube for many years. I was Gob Smacked when you called to answer my questions. 

God Bless James. You are my go to person on everything Frenchie.

I took the portable incubator to the Vet. Everybody in the office wanted to know where it came from.

I now use Shipmate on all stud shipments. My success rate doubled. Everyone should use it.

My Vet wouldn’t answer after hours. You did Thanks for helping me. 

I learnt my lesson last time. Not being prepared. I now have the puppy care kit.  Saved a  day old puppy in trouble with your video and tube feeding.

Breeder101 rocks. Your videos are gold. I have learnt more from you than all the Vets and breeders I know.

Ordered supplies from My Breeder Supply. Got everything two days later.  Love the service. Thanks 

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