Prices & Shipping


All our puppies are Vet checked, wormed and started their first shots before they leave. Puppies who are nine weeks get their second set of shots. We guarantee against life threatening genetic defects for one year.

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It varies by conformation and color.


We give first picks to families who place a refundable deposit for a puppy. We only cash your check after you have picked a puppy. If we don’t produce a puppy you want, the entire deposit is refunded or moved to the next litter, your choice. Often we have deposits on most of the litter before birth. First deposit received get first litter picks. So place a deposit early to get the puppy you want. Send a personal check for $1000 to:

Tami Chopping
214 E 8th St
Elk City, OK 73644
Or use a credit card, Paypal or Wire Transfer

Include your phone number and which litter to apply it to. If this is a surprise, let us know so we don’t leak the secret by mistake!

Contacting Us

Either E-mail or call us at:

Tami 580-799-1910 or James 580-799-2873

Call any time to talk. We are on Central Standard Time.


We keep pups until at least their 9th week normally 10th week. If you come visit and choose a pup before it is ready to leave the litter we will meet you part way to reduce your drive time when it is ready to go home. Puppies must be ten weeks or older to fly.

Custom Air Delivery

To Major Airports:

This is the best way to get your puppy home and puppies can travel anytime of the year. Puppies fly in the cabin in a soft crate with one of our Nanny handlers. We hand the puppy to the Nanny and the puppy is handed directly to you at the arrival gate. They do not go in the cargo, get stressed out in a cargo waiting area or come in to contact with other animals. This is the safest at least stressful way to travel. Cost is $450 for this custom service.


Continental US Air Cargo Delivery:

We haven’t used Cargo air delivery in 5 years. But here is the info anyway:

Puppies can be shipped by continental out of Oklahoma City to any major airport in the Continental US. For delivery to Oklahoma City airport, medium size Pet Taxi crate, Vet certificate and airfare is $400. Two puppies can be shipped in a larger Pet taxi for $470 total. There is an airline maximum, of 2 pups per crate. There are temperature restrictions that limit travel in the coldest and hottest months.

Air Travel Cost breakdown for one puppy: Air Ticket $300, Re-usable Pet Taxi $50, Vet Check & certificate $50. 300 mile round trip to OK City Free. Grand Total $400

We choose flight times for the shortest layovers and least stress on the puppy. They fly in pressurized and temperature controlled cargo holds. Summer heat is the biggest hurdle. Early morning flights are the key.

We deliver the pups to Oklahoma City Airport, two hours before their scheduled flight and stay at the airport until they leave. We call you when the flight departs and track their progress via the internet. So there are no surprises. We have never had a problem flying anywhere. Occasionally a flight is postponed because of weather. But the airlines get very high marks and treat our pups as though they are their family pets.